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The People and Culture of Ukraine

Ukraine is an Eastern European country with a extensive cultural and rich linguistic heritage is an excellent instance of this. People living there speak Russian and Ukrainian well.

Ukraine has gained its independence in 1991, has been trying to find a way as an independent nation while keeping strong ties with Western institutions like those of the European Union or NATO. The internal divisions in Ukraine make this harder.

The Orange Revolution, a popular rebellion in 2011, took President Viktor Yanukovych from office and started a wave of political protests. This political shift resulted in the victory of Victory Yushchenko.

Ukrainians are a variety of people who come from various religious and ethnic experiences. The majority of them are Orthodox Christians, but there are Roman Rite Catholics, Protestants, Jews and Muslims.

Ukrainian cuisine is renowned by its use of veggies and cereals. This is because Ukraine has some of the world’s finest soils for cultivating a wide range of plants.

Pierogies are a common Ukrainian food item that is either baked or fried . They include eggs, flour and potato filling. It is possible to fill them with any mixture of cheese, sour-cream, or minced meat.

It is possible to stuff holubtsi with meat, pork or vegetables. Holubtsi can be prepared in many different ways. You can serve them as a side dish or main courses and they are usually served alongside sauces, stews, or soups.

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