The Benefits of Cloud File Storage and Data Sharing

If it’s sharing marketing materials with colleagues or sensitive patient information with healthcare professionals cloud-based file storage and data sharing make collaboration easier and more efficient. It allows employees to access work files from any location with an internet connection and eliminates the necessity to email files back and forward. This article takes a closer look at the robust advantages of cloud-based file sharing, including its security and storage capabilities and the potential for it to enhance collaboration among teams.


In comparison to on-premises solutions cloud-based file sharing is cost-effective. On-premises servers require you to install and buy the hardware required to meet your storage requirements. If your storage requirements drop in the future, you’ll end up with servers that aren’t being used and the associated costs. Cloud-based solutions let you only pay for the space that your team requires and upgrade or downgrade your system when needed, without having to incur any additional capital expenses.


Files stored on the cloud are more easy to monitor, giving your administrators and IT team an overview of who’s using which content. This gives them a better view into the lifecycle of content and helps them keep your confidential information secure. Cloud storage and management for files offers features such as file encryption and zero trust controls to safeguard your data from unauthorized use and theft.

Many organizations are migrating towards cloud-based solutions for data sharing. However it’s true that many of the systems have specific SQL Implementation and high egress costs which makes the transition expensive. This is why it’s critical for enterprise architects to develop procedures that make making data-driven decisions easier while minimizing migration costs.

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