Top 5 Most Recent Games

The latest games aren’t the greatest games of the year but they’re those that stand out the most. You’ll still be talking about and playing them long after they’ve hit the shelves regardless of their captivating stories, their enthralling environments or their unrelenting gameplay.

XCOM 2 is a superior sequel to its predecessor. It features a fresh perspective and a revamped battle system that lets experienced players surpass their limits. It’s one of the few titles that are both kid-friendly and mature, with a great factor that doesn’t overshadow its intelligence.

As the first non-Squaresoft game to utilize the brand new Unreal Engine 4 software, Brutal Legend demonstrates that old-fashioned action still packs punch. The game is a riot of nostalgia, combining the dark beauty and splendor that are found in PS1 classics along with the modern action games.

Spec Ops The Line is an excellent shooter with a story that’s more important than ever. It’s also the most exciting entry in the series to date, with an intriguing sci-fi set-up and an incredibly relatable character and difficult to sympathize with.

Final Fantasy XIV is back in the good books of players despite a absence of content. This comes after a time of lows that began with Warlords of Draenor. The game’s resurgence is thanks to a renewed focus on storytelling as well as an ongoing commitment from the development team to improve the base experience with a range of expansions that make it one of the few subscription MMOs that you’ll want to stay with.

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